Al Price Septic Service and Drain Cleaning has been serving customers across the Midwest for the past 20 years. We take pride in providing the best quality work at a competitive rate. We specialize commercial hydro excavation, hydro vac, and high pressure jetting. We have multiple crews with the latest hydro vac and excavation equipment providing your organization with top-tier service within your required schedule.

Our History

Years ago, we installed farm drainage tile for farmers around Iowa. We use two methods of installation, plow and trencher. Most farmers at the time felt more comfortable with trenchers since you were able to expose the broken tiles. With that business we also had a backhoe to dig up starts, back fill, and make repairs. In the off season we saw a demand for septic systems. We began pumping septic tanks using on of our farm implements for customers in our local communities. The backhoe was used to dig up the deepest tanks and expose the lids.

Soon after, we found out that most people only called when they had a problem. Typically, the problems were not only in the tank but further up in the lines. With that in mind we purchase a rooter machine to clear the drains and also started working with an installer out of Des Moines, Iowa to learn how to install new systems.

The rootering opened up a wider range of customers. In the beginning the customers were typically from acreages and small towns. Once we had the rooter machine we were able to service customers in town with their backed up drains. Al began to attend various seminars to explore further possibilities for drain cleaning. He came to the conclusion that a high pressure water jetter would be a good addition to our equipment.

Further down the road, while attending seminars in Nashville, Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky we learned about Hydro Excavating and more commercial level services that we could begin to provide locally in Iowa. We bought a few retired Jetter Trucks and Jet Vac Trucks from cities from all around the United States. After building up the commercial business for a few years we were able to work our way into some state of the art equipment.